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Posted on January 4, 2012 at 11:25 AM

I was contacted by one of our newest members, cody3764 (Dan), about the photo of Scott Prossen's P-47 "Raid Hot Mama" which is in the newest Fly RC magazine article of Monster Planes 2011. Scott's model is a recreation of a full scale P-47 flown by Mr. John W. Drummond in WWII. Dan personally knows Mr. Drummond as they both live in South Carolina. It is fantastic that Scott's model has sparked up this great story and reunited Mr. Drummond with a scale model that represents his history, involvement, and heroic efforts in WWII. Below is the comment Dan left under the photo of Scott's P-47 in the photo album "Monster Planes 2011". The photos of Mr. Drummond below were forwarded to me by Dan. Thank you Dan for contacting Scott and I!


I was thumbing through my March 2012 Fly RC Magazine and I about jumped out of my chair when I turned to page 20 in that issue. There in front of me was the "Raid Hot Mama". This plane has been in my life for about thirty one years now as it is my former bosses plane he was assigned while he was the pilot of this plane in WWII with the 405th, 510th Fighter Sqd that was orginally based out of Christchurch, England.


His name is John W. Drummond, known as "Ace" in his squadron from the then popular "Ace Drummond" series of films of the day. A retired South Carolina Legislator and a Ninety-Six, South Carolina native where he still lives to this day at the ripe old age of ninety two after a very distinguished forty seven year career as one of the top South Carolina Legislators in the South Carolina State Senate. He is well known affectionately as a true statesman and not just a politician by anyone who knows South Carolina politics. Ninety Six , South Carolina is located in Greenwood County, the adjoining county to where the annual Joe Nall's RC Events are held in Woodruff, South Carolina.


I had the opportunity while accompaning him on one of his annual 405th Fighter Group Reunions to meet Sgt. Lynn Trank who originated the artwork and painted the original Raid Hot Mama for the then twenty five year old Lt. Drummond in 1944. The original Raid Hot Mama was lost to enemy ground fire while being piloted by a fellow 510th squadron mate. Sen. Drummond told me that they would share planes at times if another pilots plane was being worked on from significant battle damage. Noting the work of this fighter group and squadron getting up close and personal with the Germans it is amazing most of these pilots were not lost to enemy fire. I spoke with one squadron mate of Sen. Drummonds at one of the reunions and he lost eight P-47s to either ground fire or the explosions throwing up shrapnel from the ground targets they were sent to destroy. The Ninth AF that this fighter group was a part of supported the ground troops to which they were affectionately known as the "bucket of bolts". Even today, the Ninth AF still provides that up close and personal role for the ground troops. Sen. Drummond stated that he saw many times many cylinders of the engine having been blown out and the engine still ran and still brought the pilot home. This plane could withstand a heavy punishment.


Speaking of the artwork of the "Raid Hot Mama", it is something of a comical statement that Sen. Drummond was not allowed by his late wife, Holly Drummond, who I would describe as a very southern gentile lady, to display any pictures of him with his WWII " Raid Hot Mama" P-47 in his Senate Office or of the plane itself and certainly not in their home due to the less than conservative display of shall we say the business end of the Raid Hot Mama's lady characature.


Upon his retirement, he gave me the framed penciled picture of the Raid Hot Mama that was origanally drawn by Sgt. Lyn Trank who created and painted the original "Raid Hot Mama" in WWII that he kept on the floor behind his Senate Office door according to Mrs. Drummond's instructions. Lt. Drummond was to end the war as a POW in Stalag Luft I in Barth, Germany after his P-47 received one two many rounds from a 20mm quad anti-aircraft gun during a straffing run on enemy emplacements on July 26, 1944 that brought his new P-47 he said he was still trimming out as he bailed out at only 800 feet being injured of course bailing out that low on landing in the very midst of the troops he was using the P-47's eight .50 cals on and bombing them with the two 500lbs bombs. Not a very enviable spot to be in and one in which Sen. Drummond told me a German officer saved his life as the troops he was just straffing wanted to end him in the field near St. Lo, France as his Fighter Group was supporting Gen. Patton's left flank on his move through France.


I could go on and on of course about this great man who I consider my other father. I am truly honored to know this great man and hero and statesman and it was truly amazing for me to see his plane featured in this magazine and now I just need to contact Scott Prossen about his fine model of Lt. Drummond's P-47 to kind of complete his representation of this plane and of the man behind the "Raid Hot Mama".


If I am not mistaken, I do not see the pilot's name on Scott's model of this plane and I certainly would hope he would apply Lt. J. W. Drummond's name as the pilot of this plane as well as the supporting ground crew's names of this WWII P-47 assigned to the 405th Fighter Group, 510th Fighter Squadron known as "Jenkins Gerry's Junkers" named after it's Group's commander, Col. Ralph Jenkins.


If Scott attends one of Joe Nall's RC events in Woodruff, South Carolina, I could try to bring Sen. Drummond to meet with Scott so that he can meet the actual WWII pilot of the Raid Hot Mama. That would be an event to remember.





Dan Gregory

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Reply Scott Prossen
6:05 PM on January 4, 2012 
Hey David,
Thanks for pushing this whole thing along. I find it fasinating and can't wait to one day meet Dan and the Senator! I hope that they make it down here sometime so I could hear some more of the stories. I very much appreciate Dan's efforts to contact us and relate the stories for everyone to enjoy. I am fast becoming a fan of the history of this plane! Keep it going and thanks again my friend.
Reply Gary Prince
6:58 PM on January 23, 2012 
I enjoyed this Dave. Thank you for your efforts. You do us all a great service in many ways.